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Valuation Advice

Guidelines for appealing your valuation objection decision

1) Read your objection outcome notice. Note the deadline for submitting an appeal – do not miss it. If you received your notice by mail and missed the deadline because of this, the City may give you permission to hand in your appeal late, however, we are still waiting for official confirmation of this. If your decision has triggered a Section 52 review, then you must appeal. 

2) Download the appeal form, print it and fill it in. 

3) Make copies of your supporting evidence which you submitted in your initial objection. Print out your objection notice outcome and include it with your documents. 

4) Look at your supporting evidence: 

  •  Do you have valuations from estate agents or a professional valuer dated July 2017. If not, get one. If they say your property is worth more than you are claiming, you need to use their value. 
  •  Do you have a comparison of property sales in your immediate vicinity? If not ask an estate agent or get one online from or 
  •  Have you included photos, such as cracks in walls, unrenovated kitchens or bathrooms, or other evidence that will reduce the value?

5) Compile a new folder with copies of any new info plus the old info and write a new covering letter saying why you are appealing. Keep the original documents in a safe place as you will need them when you go before the appeals board in a year or two’s time.

6) Go to the valuation department on the 2nd floor, Block B, Civic Centre in Braamfontein and hand it in. Make sure you get confirmation that you handed it in.

7) The Valuation Appeals Board (VAB) will be formed and it can take up to 2 years to get a date for your appeal. The VAB is an independent panel of experts that is made up of attorneys, valuers, etc. You can represent yourself.